Nioxin, the best product for male hair loss available at FOR MEN Salon and Spa in Lake Forest, California

Do Nioxin Products Really Work?

Best Product for Male Hair Loss Just Google “best product for male hair loss” and you will get in upwards of 113,000,000 results. There are so many products on the market for hair loss. It could be hundreds if not thousands. Some hair loss products promise to regrow hair in 2-3 months. Hair loss products […]

Mens haircuts near me wanted at FOR MEN Salon and Spa in Lake Forest California 92630.

How to Recognize Good Men’s Haircuts

Search Mens Haircuts Near Me According to, people searched “mens haircuts near me” 63,600 times in the past thirty days. This high-volume search term insinuates that a lot of men looking for a good haircut in their area. Is a good men’s haircut that hard to find? I am going to go out on […]

The Shoe Shines at a Men’s Salon

The Original Men’s Salon Not all mens salons are full-service. metro FOR MEN was the first full-service men’s salon in Orange County, California. Our original menu hosted men’s haircuts, color, hot lather shaves, MANicures, and shoe shining services. Today, we are still the only men’s salon and spa. Our current menu still hosts all these […]

Men's shaving tool. The EverBlade Razor Sharpener that keeps razors sharper longer and available at FOR MEN Salon and Spa in Lake Forest, California

The EverBlade Product Review

Men’s Shaving: A Love/Hate Relationship Every man I know complains about shaving every morning. As a men’s grooming expert, I have seen many men with razor cuts, bumps, and burns on their faces. A piece of advice I have provided my clients is to clean and disinfect their razors daily. Another piece of advice I […]

Men's master hairstylist, Krista Martin, cutting a client's hair at FOR MEN Salon and Spa located in Lake Forest, CA.

Which is Better? A Busy Stylist or The Best Stylist

Which Should You Choose? A Busy Stylist or the Best Stylist Whenever I answer the phone to book an appointment for a new guest at FOR MEN Salon and Spa, I hear the same request. The request I get most from new clients is, “Can you book me with your best stylist.” Basically, they are […]