Male Waxing In Orange County

FOR MEN Salon | Spa is the No. 1 male waxing salon in Orange County, California. We are the only men’s salon that customizes MANscaping services. Our men’s hair removal services include clipping body hair with a motorized clipper. We also offer shaving of body hair with hot lather using a Mach3 razor for men looking for a  closer trim. For those men looking to extend a smooth physic, we perform full-body men’s waxing. The hair removal wax we use is specifically formulated for men’s thick coarse body hair. Our wax is less painful and irritating to the skin than traditional honey wax used by most waxing salons.  

Ear Waxing | $15
Nose Waxing | $15
Half Brow/Full Brow Wax | $15/$25
Shoulder Waxing | $35
Half Arm/Full Arm Waxing | $45/$75
Half Leg/Full Leg Waxing | $65/$125
Half Back/Full Back Waxing | $45/$65
Half Back with Shoulder Waxing | $65
Full Back with Shoulder Waxing | $75
Stomach Waxing | $35
Chest Waxing | $55
Chest and Stomach Waxing | $65
Clipper Body Hair  | $30 per large body area
Body Hair Shaving | see waxing pricing

At FOR MEN Salon | Spa, we recommend scheduling a consultation appointment prior to any waxing hair removal service if you have experienced any type of skin reaction to wax in the past. During the consultation, we will wax a small area of the body to check for skin irritation. If, after two to three days, no adverse reaction appears, we will move forward with scheduling a future appointment.

Looking for a different service? Check out our Hair CareSkin Care, and Nail Care Services. Still not finding what you are looking for? Send us a text to 949-450-0150 and see if we can customize a service just for you.

Come in and experience the only full-service male waxing salon in Orange County!