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According to, people searched “mens haircuts near me” 63,600 times in the past thirty days. This high-volume search term insinuates that a lot of men looking for a good haircut in their area. Is a good men’s haircut that hard to find? I am going to go out on a limb here and say the answer is a resounding yes.

My specialty is in men’s haircutting and grooming segment for over 25 years. I have also garnered the title of Master Men’s Stylist and awarded Best Men’s Haircut in Orange County, California. I ask every new client what brought him in. Almost every time I hear, “I need a good haircut”. Sadly, most of the time I can see why they feel that way after observing how their hair has grown out. These haircuts usually grow out with one side noticeably longer than the other and overly texturized to the point the hair looks frizzy. Not to mention the hair being cut too short or left too long. I am going to go out on another limb and say any man reading this blog post is shaking his head in agreement right now. 

Why is Getting a Good Mens Haircut Difficult

Honestly, I am not sure the exact reason men have a difficult time getting a good haircut. In a 2015 industry survey, hairstylists overwhelmingly confirmed they are 96% comfortable with men’s haircutting and 70% say they have received a lot of training in it. This survey was a number of years ago and I have no reason to doubt its results. If the survey was conducted today, I believe the results would be the same. I can only share my experience with stylists I have trained in men’s haircutting over the years. The percentage is probably more in the 50/50 range when we are talking about hairstylists who work predominantly with women’s hair.

I feel these percentages are accurate for men’s hairstylists and barbers. But wait, if 96% of hairstylists are comfortable with men’s haircuts then why are men still searching for “men’s haircuts near me”? 78% of men report finding a good haircut is a challenge. 72% of men say getting a good haircut is way more important than the overall salon experience. Of these men, 82% in fact, do not rely on anyone else telling them they got a good haircut. Men themselves know whether they got a good haircut.

Men’s Top 5 Characteristics of a Good Haircut

  1. The right cut length
  2. The haircut fits his head shape
  3. The men’s stylist or barber listens and cuts the hair to the client’s wishes
  4. The men’s stylist or barber is able to blend transitions areas well
What stylists and barbers say versus clients say about mens haircuts near me in Lake Forest California.


Ultimately, I think there is a disconnect between men’s hairstylists and barbers and the client. The survey mentioned earlier confirms this. There is a big gap between what stylists and barbers believe about their male clientele and what men actually feel about their service. Fewer men say they get their hair washed with a haircut and believe the cost of their cut is less than the stylist reports. Men say they get their haircut every 5 weeks to stylists believe it is every 3 weeks. More men say they get their neck shaved with a haircut and they do not change their hairstyle as often as the stylist believes. The answer to this dilemma is for men’s stylists and barbers to listen and connect with the client better. We need to stop thinking we know what the client wants. We also need to get the client’s agreement with our plans before proceeding.

To quote John Maxwell

“listen twice as much as you speak”

A Man’s Response to a Bad Haircut

Response to mens haircuts near me when it goes wrong graph.


As a hairstylist and trainer, I rarely heard or saw a client tell his stylist when he got a bad haircut. It happened, but it was not common. As a salon owner, I also rarely had a client request to speak with me when they got a bad haircut. It happened, but it only happened when I called them to see how their service went. Mostly, I experienced men who said nothing and took their business elsewhere. I feel this percentage is far greater than 16%. 

Thankfully, in my experience, I saw a higher percentage of men who either discussed the problem with their stylist on the next visit or gave the stylist another chance. I also frequently saw our guests say nothing and went to another stylist in my salon. The commitment to technically savvy men’s haircuts made clients trust the salon, the stylists in it, and me.

Recognizing a Good Men’s Haircut

I believe all stylists should educate clients on how to recognize they received a good haircut. After 35 years in the Barbering and Cosmetology industry, I advise my client’s that a good haircut happens with these 3 factors:

  1. After the hair is cut, toweled dry, and styled without product, it should look like the requested style. Then, after the hair is styled with a styling product, the product will enhance the haircut. Hairstyling products should never be what makes the haircut work. Hair styling product makes the haircut that much better. However, not all men use hairstyling products in their hair, which requires them to have a technically blended haircut.
  2. As the cut grows out over the next few weeks, the haircut should maintain its original shape and continue to be manageable. The cut should never grow out unevenly or get wide in the temple area. If a haircut grows out uneven or wide, a client will need a haircut sooner than they wish. This may cause them to perceive the haircut was bad. A client with a good haircut will show up to his next appointment and say, “I almost canceled because my hair still looks good”. 
  3. When it’s time to get a haircut, the hair should still look great. It is okay that the hair looks a bit shaggy and grown out, but the haircut should still look good overall. A good haircut should last three to four weeks on average. Most clients should begin to feel they need a haircut the week they are scheduled. A client should never feel in desperate need of a haircut by their haircut appointment.

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