Orange County Men’s Nail Salon

FOR MEN Salon | Spa is the original Orange County men’s nail salon. We value natural nail care, which we believe keeps a client’s health and safety first. This approach not only makes us different from other nail salons, but it also gave us raving fans. Our clients agree natural nail care is the right approach for their nails.

All of our nail services are performed in a large comfortable club chair where you get to just sit back and relax. They also include using multiple hot towels to steam the hands and soften the cuticle. The peppermint products we use not only nourish the skin but provide a masculine aroma. We make getting MANicures manly. This is only one of the reasons why our men’s nail salon services are unique.

Express MANicure | $25

Trim, file, and buff the nails for the man on the run.

Spa MANicure | $35

A deluxe MANicure treatment, which includes cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing coupled with a relaxing hand and arm massage designed to smooth even the roughest hands.

The m Paraffin Treatment | $15 

Get a smoother handshake with our premium mask that provides extra moisturizing for dry, troubled hands. An ideal treatment with our other nail services or by itself.

10 min Hand Massage | $10

A relaxing treatment by itself and exceptional when paired with our other nail services.

Looking for a different service? Check out our Hair CareHair Removal Services, and Skin Care Services. Still not finding what you are looking for? Give us a call at 949-450-0150 and see if we can customize a service just for you.

Come in and experience Orange County’s first men’s nail salon!