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Best hair products for men at FOR MEN Salon and Spa in Lake Forest, California

Best hair products for men at FOR MEN Salon | Spa in Lake Forest, California

FOR MEN | Hair Products FOR MEN

m by FOR/ MEN hair care is an exclusive hair care line designed for men by a dedicated master men’s hairstylist. Krista Martin, the founder and owner of FOR MEN Salon | Spa, created this professional haircare line in 2009. She developed the best hair products for men to offer an exclusive product made only for them. All m by FOR MEN’s products for men have been tested on real clients and not made for sale until they were perfect for Krista’s clients. Now she has made them available to you too.

The Best Hair Products m by FOR MEN History

FOR MEN Salon | Spa originally sold a major name brand men’s hair care product line exclusively. When this line was unable to maintain a consistent product offering, the salon owner, Krista Martin, set out to find a way to offer salon clients a consistent line of men’s hair care products. Her main business value proposition was offering clients the best consistent service. Krista came to the realization the only way to offer salon clients consistent product offerings was to design her own. Krista began to formulate and test various products on her personal clientele that met her standards. She launched m by FOR MEN, a male-exclusive hair care line, in Fall 2009.  

m by FOR MEN became an instant hit with our salon clients. It has been the salon’s No. 1 selling hair product for men since. Today, our clients consider these products to be the best hair products they have used. We consistently offer you a men’s hair product line with your needs in mind.

m by FOR MEN products are available in-store or online for purchase. 

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