An Atmosphere For Men

When most men think of the salon experience, they think about women spending hours getting their hair done. This might make men feel less comfortable getting the professional grooming services they need. Men’s salons were created for this reason. Having a place specifically where men are made to feel comfortable and relaxed is why men should go to a salon just for them.

Professional and Consistent Service

When receiving services at a men’s salon, you are consulting with a professionally trained men’s hairstylist. Men’s hairstylists provide perfectly tailored haircuts, skin care treatments, or Manicures. They undergo extensive training in all facets of men’s grooming. These unique stylists are trained to take care of the small details that your significant other will appreciate.

Seeing the same hair stylist regularly gives men the opportunity to receive consistent services and preferences remembered. Routine visits with your favorite men’s hairstylist build a professional relationship where you can have great conversations with consistent outcomes. They’ll know exactly what you need that works best for your look.

A Salon Designed Just For Men

When you come to a salon like FOR MEN Salon | Spa, it’s not just a place to get your haircut but an environment that was designed just for you. We have TVs so you can watch your favorite shows or the big game. In fact, our streaming service gives you over 700 channels to catch up on the latest sports, news, or market updates. Our clients can catch up on the latest and greatest gadget or style magazines. Plus, enjoy a fully stocked beverage bar all while counting on on-time appointments. FOR MEN Salon | Spa clients experience current grooming techniques and products designed exclusively for them. And they don’t have to share with their female counterpart. This means your traditional trip to the salon is actually an experience where you can relax and enjoy.

All Men’s Grooming Needs In One Place

It is that time again. Your hair is getting a little unruly and needs a nice trim. You could rush into the barber shop and get the haircut the barber decides that day. Or…book an appointment with a men’s hairstylist that will give you the haircut that is best for your head shape, hair type, and texture. Instead of rushing to get a haircut, come in to relax and enjoy more services that only a men’s salon can offer. Remember, barber shops do not offer body grooming services. Men can enhance their image by getting professional body grooming services making them feel and look better. Services at men’s salons include:

Skin Services:

Professional Shave
Steam Towel Treatment
Black Head Mask Treatment
Eye Smoothing
Anti-Aging Skin Detail
Scalp Treatment

Nail Services:

Spa Hand Detail
Paraffin Hand Treatment
Hand Massage

Body Hair Removal and Waxing Services

Ear and Nose Waxing
Brow Waxing
Shoulders Waxing
Half or Full Arm and Leg Waxing
Half or Full Back Waxing
Chest and Stomach Waxing
Body Hair Trimming and Shaving

With so many services making men feel healthy and look great, why not pamper yourself a little and go beyond the traditional haircut.

FOR MEN Salon and Spa – Why You Should Go To Us

FOR MEN Salon and Spa is the first full-service men’s salon in Orange County, CA (formerly known as Saville Barber). We are still the leading men’s only salon in Lake Forest created by Krista Martin because men deserve a place of their own too.

Why choose FOR MEN Salon | Spa? Because we understand that men want a unique salon experience that is on-time, consistent every time while using products made just for them, and in a masculine environment. The goal of FOR MEN Salon | Spa is to provide services that men may not feel comfortable getting at a women’s salon while reshaping the way men think about their grooming rituals. We accomplish this by using products designed for men’s types of hair, nails, skin, and body. We have extensively trained in how to perform our services that keep the client’s health and safety first. FOR MEN Salon | Spa is different from all other men’s only salons from the products we use to the training and development of our grooming experts. Come in and see why we won Best Men’s Haircut, Shave, and Barber in Orange County.