Hello readers and welcome to the FOR MEN blog!  I am Krista, the men’s grooming expert, and the blog author.  You can expect to read everything related to men’s grooming services, education, and tips.  Topics will include men’s hair care, men’s hair product reviews, and application techniques.  I will also discuss men’s s body waxing processes, aftercare, and men’s skincare and shaving tips.  I won’t forget men’s nail care too.

Be sure to comment on the topics that we discuss.  Please feel free to suggest topics you would like to learn more about. 

My Humble Beginnings

I first started my company blog in 2005, where I planned to write about anything from men’s grooming products and services to our company parties.  When social media started, I jumped on every platform possible to promote my men’s hair salon.  I created a company page on Facebook business pages in 2007.  In the beginning, I just wanted to have visibility wherever I could so clients could find the salon.  My instincts told me, the more websites the business was on, the more my business would be found.  At that time, very (and I mean very) few hair salons were using the web as a tool to grow, which meant there was no competition.  That did not last long.  As more businesses in my industry got online, I had to learn to be strategic.  This is when I learned I needed a unique voice and needed to post content related to my professional expertise.  I want to be the person men come to when they have grooming questions.

What the m Blog Promises to Deliver

I started forming online connections that fit my goal on and offline.  At first, I accepted every incoming friend request, but over time I realized that just having connections did not meet my overall objective.  I set out to make connections that inspired me as much as I was hoping to educate others.  According to Dr. Gilpin, social capital is the “collective value of all social networks and the norms of reciprocity and trustworthiness that arises from them.” It is one of the reasons I will never venture into buying followers, as seen in this MIC.com article.  In the MIC article, a want-to-be influencer paid another social media influencer $20 to boost his follower count so that he, too could be considered a mega influencer.  Buying followers was as an option for me when I started out, but it just did not feel right.  As Dr. Giplin pointed out, social capital is built through authenticity and trustworthiness by focusing on the relationship.  I built my following organically and vow to maintain an authentic voice in this blog.

My goal is to post fresh content designed to solve a problem, inform or motivate our male clientele.

Have a great day!


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