For most men, body grooming involves walking a delicate line between looking like a caveman, or like you are part of a boy band. To help find that perfect balance, it is important to understand hair removal for each part of the body. Get ready for the summer looking your best by removing unwanted hair. Search waxing for men near me and discover FOR MEN Salon | Spa located in Lake Forest, California.

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Chest Hair Waxing For Men

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Some men prefer a little chest hair while others do not want any. How much is too much and should you trim or wax? There are a lot of questions men have about their chest hair. If you are told you have too much chest hair or notice hair popping out from the top of your shirt, it is probably time to do something about it. If you do not want your chest to be completely bald then you should tell your salon specialist, you just want to trim it. They will know the right clippers to use to ensure it looks neat and masculine. If you prefer a clean, hair-free chest then waxing is the best solution. Shaving your chest hair creates rashes or razor burn and may not take off all the hair completely.

Back Hair Waxing For Men

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I think most people can agree that back hair is not really an attractive quality. So to put things bluntly, removing back hair is an optimal solution. Luckily, the back hair is the simplest and least painful area to wax. Talk to your salon specialist and tell them you want to remove the hair from your back and shoulders.

Arm Hair Waxing For Men

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Most men think they do not need to remove the hair from their arms. However, some have more than their fellow guys and may need to at least trim it. This is especially true for hair on their shoulders or biceps. Plus, if you are a muscular guy, less arm hair will help show off those guns better.

Leg Hair Waxing For Men

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Most guys like to rock the natural look when it comes to their legs. Unless the hair is unruly and oddly long, it is typical for men to leave that section alone. There are men who like to have bare legs, especially if they are in a sport where leg hair is intrusive. Leg hair grows quickly and maintaining it will require a lot more work. If you want to show off those muscles though, choose to wax or shave your legs. At the minimum, trimming leg hair will still show off well-toned legs.

Armpit Waxing For Men

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It is better to leave the armpits alone or is it? If armpit hair is poking out of your pits, then hair removal is a recommended next step. Most men do not need to wax their pits but using clippers to trim them, is a nice touch. You can take the volume out by using clippers with a longer guard attachment. Before removing the hair yourself talk to your stylist to get some tips for the best results. Men should not be afraid of waxing their armpits though. A man having no armpit hair is still masculine and screams well-groomed.

Men’s Waxing versus Shaving

Which is better for men waxing body hair or shaving it? FOR MEN Salon and Spa offers both.
FOR MEN Salon and Spa offers its clients waxing, shaving, and/or clipping body hair.

Waxing and shaving are two common methods used for men’s hair removal. Men also request clipping their body hair too. While clipping the hair has its benefits, this body hair management method will only last a few days. When hair removal specialists speak of hair removal, we talk about shaving, waxing and laser hair removal. However, we will keep this discussion to shaving versus waxing. Let’s compare waxing versus shaving:


Shaving: Shaving involves using a razor to cut the hair off at the skin’s surface.

Waxing: Waxing involves applying a layer of warm or cold wax to the skin, covering the hair, and then pulling the wax off quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth, removing the hair from the root.

Hair Regrowth

Shaving: When you shave, the hair is cut off at the surface of the skin, so it grows back relatively quickly. Depending on individual hair growth rates, you may notice stubble within a few days.

Waxing: Waxing removes hair from the root, which means it takes longer for the hair to grow back. Typically, hair regrowth can take several weeks, as the hair needs to grow back from the follicle.

Duration of Results

Shaving: The results of shaving are temporary and last for a shorter period. You may need to shave every few days or at least once a week to maintain smooth skin.

Waxing: Waxing provides longer-lasting results. With proper waxing techniques, you can expect to enjoy hair-free skin for two to six weeks, depending on your hair growth cycle.

Hair Texture

Shaving: Since shaving cuts the hair at the surface, the regrown hair may feel blunt or coarse.

Waxing: Waxing removes the hair from the root, which can result in softer regrowth. As the hair grows back, it tends to become finer and softer over time.

Ingrown Hairs

Shaving: Shaving can sometimes lead to ingrown hairs, especially if the hair is cut too short or if the razor causes irritation. Ingrown hairs occur when the hair curls back or grows sideways into the skin.

Waxing: While not entirely risk-free, waxing generally reduces the chances of ingrown hairs. By removing the hair from the root, the hair is more likely to grow back without becoming trapped beneath the skin’s surface.

Pain and Discomfort

Shaving: Shaving is generally painless unless you accidentally cut yourself with the razor, which can cause minor nicks or irritation.

Waxing: Waxing involves some level of discomfort, especially during the actual hair removal process when the wax is pulled off the skin. However, the discomfort is usually short-lived and varies from person to person.

Ultimately, the choice between waxing and shaving depends on personal preferences, desired duration of hair removal, and individual skin and hair characteristics. Some people prefer the convenience of shaving, while others opt for waxing to enjoy longer-lasting results and potentially finer regrowth. Most waxing centers do not offer shaving of men’s body hair. A full-service men’s salon, like FOR MEN Salon | Spa will.

Waxing For Men Near Me

At FOR MEN Salon | Spa we appreciate a well-groomed man and are happy to provide all types of manscaping for you. More men today than ever before get a part of their body waxed. And yes even their private areas. And yes all types of men get their bodies waxed. Mostly we get calls about waxing for men from significant others asking for waxing appointments for their man. Men, let me tell you, if you want more attention to a particular area of your body, keep that area well-trimmed or hair free!

Some guys might be afraid of waxing as several movies have depicted the process to be extremely painful. According to Manscaped, the honest truth is that pulling hair out from the root is going to be painful whether you are waxing or plucking. Most of all it comes down to the individual’s pain threshold. Most important though, is the technician’s mastery of technique. Ultimately, when working with a professional who has extensive experience, the pain should be less and the process more precise.

Waxing For Men Experience

What can you expect? Does waxing your manhood hurt? You can expect a professional service provider who knows how to wax a man’s body while making it as painless as possible. We use wax specifically for men’s skin and hair types to ensure less pain and irritation. Depending on the body part, yes waxing can hurt, but proper technique and speed make all the difference. Our waxing services range from 15 minutes to 1 hour. The idea is to get waxing done efficiently as possible while understanding the client’s needs. If you need a break, no problem.

We do need a few things from our male clients before their appointment. Please come to your appointment:

  • Be showered
  • Take ibuprofen (to minimize pain)
  • Undress in our waxing room
  • Lay down on the table
  • Try to relax

Our waxing expert will conduct a consultation to discuss any concerns, confirm the area waxed, and address your expectations. How long can you expect your waxing to last? About 6 weeks. The waxing process takes time and requires an appointment every 6 weeks until all the hair is on the same growth cycle. Once that point is achieved, you need to wax less often. Waxing also costs less than laser hair removal, even every 6 weeks. FOR MEN Salon | Spa uses hair removal wax formulated for men’s thick-course body hair. Our wax is less painful and irritating than traditional wax for all body parts. Our waxing specialists are trained to handle men’s hair removal needs for the entire body. For more information about waxing or about our waxing for men near you, text us at (949) 450-0150 or book online at: