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Searching Mens Haircuts Near Me

Are you constantly searching “mens haircuts near me” because you have a hair-related issue that no men’s hairstylist or barber seems to get right? You are not alone. Approximately 63,300 people use that search term every month. Why is that search term so popular? Because men experience hair-related issues that frustrate them and they are looking for an experienced stylist to solve them. Some men would probably suffice by just finding someone to offer suggestions to manage them.

Top Men’s Hair-Related Issues

Krista Martin, Master Men’s Hairstylist and owner of FOR MEN Salon and Spa in Lake Forest, California shares the top complaints her clients express about their hair. She has been working with men’s hair and grooming for 35 years and won Best Men’s Haircut in Orange County. Krista provides her expert advice on solutions to some of the top men’s hair-related issues.

Curly Hair That Has No Style

So many men I have met over the years with curly hair feel they can not have trendy men’s haircuts. Depending on the trend, this may be true. As a master men’s hairstylist, I do believe this hair type to be the hardest to work with. Most stylists and barbers I know struggle with this hair type too. Honestly, the options are a bit limited, but there are options. In my experience working with men’s curly hair, it is all about shape, vision, and technical skills. Vision and skill on the part of the stylist or barber to be exact. Men with curly hair can have styles ranging from fades to long locks. ⬇️

Mens haircuts near me will return FOR MEN Salon and Spa who will provide the right style for men's curly hair, as well as all hair types.

Mens haircuts near me will return FOR MEN Salon and Spa which will provide the right style for men’s curly hair, as well as all hair types.


The overall emphasis of the cut should be on the curls. The right haircut can do that. Kelly Bileddo, Sexy Hair Global Artist, says “Think of it like trimming a bonsai—it’s very visual…With curly hair, less is more—just follow the rounds of the head and carve in a shape.”

MEN’S GROOMING TIP: My biggest piece of advice for men with curly hair is to never let a barber or hairstylist use texturizing shears. They make curly hair appear frizzy. There are other methods they can employ to debulk thick hair. Personally, I use a razor so that I can be strategic in debulking where needed without overdoing it.

Management of Men’s Curly Hair Type

Curly hair often looks dry and lacks shine. More often than not, curly hair requires conditioning. I hear all too often from my clients that they don’t use conditioner because it makes their hair feel greasy or flat. Most often, that feeling either comes from using a conditioner that has ingredients designed to coat the hair to make it feel healthy, or it is not rinsed well from the hair. m by metro FOR MEN Daily Therapy is a non-greasy conditioner that rinses easily out of the hair. I recommend this conditioner to all my clients with conditioner phobias. 

For hairstyling product that works best for men’s curly hair, I recommend clients use pomade, wax, or creams. All these products have low to high shine giving the hair a lustrous appearance. These products are best used when scrunched into the hair rather than smeared. This approach enhances the curl pattern and allows the hair to fall naturally into place. Next, refrain from touching the hair until it is fully dry. Once dry and depending on the style, it’s ok to run fingers through the hair to break up the curls without disturbing the style.

Super Thick Hair That’s Hard to Manage

Super thick hair challenges are similar to men with curly hair issues. Thick hair can be difficult to cut. I know many stylists and barbers who do not find joy in cutting this hair type. My approach is to schedule extra time for this client and focus on the shape of the haircut. I recommend my clients with this hair type select hairstyles that have texture and a shape that will grow out in the same shape of the cut. This approach is almost identical to my approach for curly hair types. However, super thick hair requires adding texture to the cut. 

MEN’S GROOMING TIP:  Ask your stylist to use a feather razor to break up the bulk, especially if they cut the top of the hair bluntly. I suggest asking the men’s stylist or barber to point-cut the top, so the thick hair has movement. Point cutting the top will disguise the cut marks that are apparent when cutting this hair type.

Kelly Bileddo, Sexy Hair Global Artist suggests stylists eliminate thick hair bulk with a razor as well, plus refrain from using elevation, and never use texturizing shears on this hair type. I also educated stylists and barbers to not use thinning or texturizing shears because, as the hair grows out, the hair becomes frizzy and “poofy.”

Super thick hair requires hair styling products that can control this hair type. Products, such as a strong hold paste is my recommendation. m by metro FOR MEN’s De-Construct is a perfect complement to super thick hair. This strong hold paste will add control while giving the hair a textured look that lasts all day. 

Fine Hair That Shows Every Cut Line

When a man with fine hair finds a hairstylist that can cut his hair well, he becomes a fiercely loyal client. This client’s biggest complaint is that he can see every cut line in his haircut. Fine hair is the hardest hair type to cut because of that issue. Shorter hairstyles seem to work the best for this hair type, as well as matte finish hairstyling products.   “If a guy has a fine texture, always do more horizontal blunt cutting to build up bulk,” advises Kelly. “However, if a guy is really thinning, blunt cutting will create lines. In these cases, I use a clipper-over-finger technique to create a soft, fuller-looking shape. To make the top look thicker, take the sides shorter.”

MEN’S GROOMING TIP: The best advice I can give for clients with fine hair is to select a men’s haircut that is a short style and use a clay or medium hold paste to show added texture. This approach will help disguise any haircut imperfections. Read our post on How to Select the Right Men’s Hairstylist to help find a stylist that can work with fine hair.

Cowlicks That Seem Uncontrollable

Cowlicks can be incredibly frustrating for the client, but also for the men’s hairstylist or barber. They can be anywhere on the head too. Most people have them in the back of the head or at the front hairline. Cowlicks can make or break a man’s haircut. “The cow’s contribution to your look should be as a jacket, not a hairstylist,” says Denis Robinson, Ruffians‘ creative director. Ultimately, the best approach to working with a cowlick is to work with its natural growth direction.   

The best haircut for a cowlick depends on where it is on the head. If the cowlick is in the back, there are only two approaches to solving the challenge.

  1. The first is to take it short causing it to lie down. This approach is not without issues. Taking it shorter means it will stick up at some point. Getting haircuts in quicker intervals, like every three weeks, helps to keep the cowlick under control.

  2. The Second option is to leave the hair longer creating weight to hold down the cowlick. Again, this tactic is not without its own obstacles. Leaving the hair long in certain areas can make the overall hairstyle grow out awkward and heavy in that area.  

The best approach is to cut the hair with the growth pattern, and the cowlick will usually lie down. The worst approach is to use hairstyling products to slick down the hair making the hair flat in that area.

MEN’S GROOMING TIP: The best advice I can give for cowlick challenges is to find a men’s hairstyle that the cowlick is disguised with or enhances it. Another suggestion is to find a men’s hairstyling product that can control the cowlick.

Hair on Top of the Head Grows Faster

If I ask a client to point to an area of his head that he had difficulty with, most often he will point to the top of his head. It may seem like the hair on the very top of the head grows quicker than the rest of your hair, but the reason is easy to explain. 

Mens haircuts near me is an important search for men looking for a haircut that fits their head shape. Search FOR MEN Salon and Spa who will customize the right men's haircut for your head shape, hair type and hair texture.

Mens haircuts near me is an important search for men looking for a haircut that fits their head shape. Search FOR MEN Salon and Spa which will customize the right men’s haircut for your head shape, hair type, and hair texture.

Think of a person’s head shape (see the image to the left). As the forehead slopes forward to the forehead, this makes the crown of the head the highest point. The hair at the highest point will appear longer. As the hair grows out after a haircut, the hair around the face will follow the head shape sloping forward. The hair at the crown will become more noticeable and look longer than everything else. When the hair is left too long in that area from the start of a men’s haircut, the hair will be and seem even longer causing more frustration.

The hair at the crown must be taken shorter than the hair at the hairline. Basically, the hair needs to go from short to long starting at the back of the head. This may cause some of the hair to stick up, especially if there is a cowlick, but a good hairstyling product can solve that problem. Taking the hair shorter in the crown will eliminate the feeling of the hair being longest in that section. Another option is keeping the hair the same length till the crown, then tapering it longer to the front ensuring the front does not become too long.

MEN’S GROOMING TIP: The best advice I can give is to have the client ask to see his haircut in profile to make sure the hair at the crown was not left too long. 

Dreaded Thinning Hair

Many clients say to me, “I’ll just bic my head when my hair thins”. Clients do not always have to go to that extreme. Most just need to consider a men’s haircut and style that gives the appearance of a fuller, thicker mane. It is best for men with thinning hair to have a shorter style with texture to create the illusion it is thicker. However, a shorter haircut will not, in and of itself, solve this hair issue. Shorter hair helps this hair type, but the right hair styling product will make the hair look even more full and thick. Hair styling products with a matte finish are best for achieving the appearance of thicker hair. Products such as clay and medium to strong texture pastes are ideal for thinning hair types.

MEN’S GROOMING TIP: The best advice I can give to anyone experiencing thinning hair is to avoid wet hair styling products that make the hair stick together in clumps and separate. Gel, pomade, and wax products cause the hair to stick together and separate, making the hair appear even thinner.

Men’s Master Hairstylist to the Rescue

As a men’s hairstylist, my goal has always been to find my client’s challenged area and offer design solutions that could fix it before he tells me. The other day I had a guest point to his front hairline and explain that the right side of his hairline always seems to grow faster than the rest AFTER I inquired about it.  I also inquired as to his use of styling products because I want to provide options that can be also achieved at home. I made a design suggestion after building his trust with a thorough consultation. He felt comfortable allowing me to make that change in his hairstyle.

Once I completed the haircut, even before applying a hairstyling product, he noticed there was no more issue with his hairline. He said he always notices the problem at this stage of his service in the past. He exclaimed, “wow how did you do that?  No one has ever been able to fix this problem, and I have had many haircuts”. My answer to him was simple.

  • I saw the issue the moment he walked in;
  • I actively listened to his needs; and
  • I demonstrated genuine care in wanting to fix it.

I feel that when care is used in anything we do, we achieve the most amazing results that make a lasting impression.

Mens Haircuts Near Me | Search is Over

Search no further for mens haircuts near me and book an appointment at FOR MEN Salon and Spa today. We embody that care is a Consistent–Attentive–Reputable –Experience. It is this level of care that makes us who we are and have happy returning clients year after year. A great men’s haircut mantra:

Mens hair salon near me in Lake Forest California is FOR MEN Salon and Spa located at 23832 Rockfield Boulevard, Suite 145, Lake Forest California 92630.

Search mens haircuts near me to discover FOR MEN Salon and Spa. They will customize the right men’s haircut for your head shape, hair type, and hair texture.

Do you have a hair-related issue you would like to see if it can be fixed or managed? Click the button below to book a consultation with Krista today. If you would like just a response to your question…ask Krista in the comment section. 


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