Men's Hairspray

A true men’s hairspray will differ from traditional hairspray developed with women’s hair needs in mind. Hairspray is a fine mist propelled from an aerosol can or pump action bottle made up of a chemical compound. The chemicals, or polymer, make the shafts of hair stick together. This chemical compound or polymer was originally known as resin. Resin got its name from the first hairspray developed in the 1940s being a resin-like substance that resembled shellac. The resin-like substance held the hair strands together by creating layers of a sticky film when it dried.

Since resin resembles shellac, some hairsprays give extra shine to the hair. The shine created works great for women since women generally equate shiny hair with healthy hair. This kind of shine for men could pose challenges especially if they are experiencing thinning hair. Haircare products for men with shine-enhancing properties will make hair look thinner. Men’s hairspray with a matte finish will fix hair in place while keeping it looking full and healthy.

Men should use hairspray when they want to style their hair and ensure it stays in place. It’s ideal for occasions like weddings, job interviews, or parties when a polished look is essential. Hairspray helps control frizz, adds volume, and maintains hairstyle longevity, giving men a confident and put-together appearance.

FOR MEN MANeuver Spray has a matte finish giving men exactly what they need. A full-looking head of hair that will stay all day without flaking. Check it out, as well as other m by FOR MEN haircare products today.

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