Men's Hair Gel

Hair gel is the original men’s hairstyling product that is used to fix the hair into a desired hairstyle. Hair gel was originally founded in 1928. Before this revolutionary invention, petroleum jelly, corn oil, and macassar oil were used by men to style their hair. A company called Chemico Works changed that and marketed a product called Brylcream. Brylcream gave rise to hair gel, which was formulated to keep hair fixed into place. It was the first hair gel on the market available to consumers. The appeal to consumers was its ease of use. All that was required was to put a little of the product between their palms, rub them together, apply it to the hair, and style the hair however desired.

Men’s Hair gel gained popularity in Europe and eventually made its way to North America. It quickly became a part of “pop culture” and a fashionable product for all types of hairstyles used by men. Even women used it. Chemico Works realized their hair gel product was a hit and developed gender-specific types of hair gel. Competition followed and hair gel became the most sought-after hairstyling product for men for many, many years.

Why Use Hair Gel

Hair gel is used to style and control hair. It provides hold, texture, and definition to hair, allowing for various hairstyles. Hairstyles, such as spikes, slicked-back looks, or sculpted designs. Hair gel also adds shine and helps tame frizz. It’s a versatile product for achieving a polished and well-groomed appearance.

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