metro FOR MEN | Customer Testimonials

The metro FOR MEN customer wants more than just an average haircut. He wants impeccable service. He wants to know he's getting the best, whether it's his car, his new cell phone, his job, or even his haircut. He comes to metro FOR MEN because he's never left waiting in the lounge wondering when its his turn. He gets in and out quickly so he can get on with his busy life. At metro FOR MEN, our customers rest easy knowing they will receive top of the line grooming service in an environment created exclusively with their needs in mind.

"Got to give some love to Metro and Teri, in particular. She not only does a great job cutting my hair but makes every appointment a fun experience!"
- Vernon Jones
"Metro is an exclusive, men's only salon. They know how to deal with men's hair because it's all they do."
- Michael R. Cipolla, CEO, Resources Printing   Graphics Inc.
"Amazing haircut from Elaine! I've received quite a few compliments on it. All around a great experience! Everyone was friendly and professional!"
- Robert Doll
"Best customer service, best haircut - great manicure Terrific staff, not free, but sbsolutely worth every $ - a terrific value."
- Norm Bernstein
"The staff is always courteous, attentive and professional. I would never go back to a regular salon. Top-notch service!"
- Andrew Wesson, Henry Wine Group
"When I walk into metro I feel like I've gone to a family reunion. Everyone knows my name and stops to chat."
- Ryan Joly, South Coast Circuits
"It's a pleasant interlude from the bustle of daily life. I've been going since the shop first opened, and it has gotten better and better (especially since Krista assumed ownership)."
- Malcom Lewis, Constructive Technology Group, Inc.
"I was looking for a salon that was at least a little hip and I was hoping that it would be a place that could serve men as well they serve women. I ended up getting more than I could have ever wished for on both counts."
- Larry Damato, President, MD Builders, Inc.
"I was looking for a high quality hair cut from a hair salon that specialized in Men. My experience with metro has been fantastic! The services they offer are great and all the personnel are wonderful."
- Juan Lepe, Manager VIP Bus Shell Sales, Prevost Car, Inc.
"I have had many stylists in my life and thank goodness I found Metro For Men! Krista and her staff have made me feel like a preferred customer from the first time I walked in the door. I am to the point where I don't even need to give any input, I can just sit back and relax, knowing that I am going to walk out with a haircut that is going to look and feel great!"
- Rob Nielsen
"The fact that I can get a manicure, pedicure, or massage if I had a good week is excellent. Not having to deal with nail polish smell, old ladies in curlers, or getting into a towel for a massage is the icing on the cake. Metro is a great place for men to get the best part of the barber shop with the perks of a salon."
- Dusty Lloyd, Operations Manager, Bridge Capital Corp
"Krista and staff are a revolution (or perhaps even an evolution) in men's hair and grooming. I was not born with a great head of hair, but Krista manages to even make ME look much that my wife inquires about what hair cutting techniques are being employed and what products Metro for Men are using!"
- Patrick Unrein
"Striking the prefect balance between macho and metrosexual. The grooming environment created by the expertly trained staff has exceed my style and service expectations. Budget, retail-outlet 'salon' hands will never touch this head of hair again!"
-Jesse Gutierrez
"Great! I can always get in at lunch when needed to fit my busy schedule."
- Dave Williams, Vital Stream Inc.