Hello MFMers!

I am so passionate about the beauty and barbering industry and it angers me what some individuals are doing to it.  I came across an article the other day that spoke of unlicensed professionals being hired by salons to provide services to unsuspecting customers.  To be a cosmetologist or barber it takes 1600 hours and a full […]

Hello MFMers

I was asked to provide insight on whether salons and spas should provide special offers to new and existing customers.  There were other opinions offered in this discussion and the majority felt salons and spas should not discount their services.  The opinions were based on the only guests that will utilize the promotional offer is […]

Ask the Men’s Grooming Expert: Knowing You Have A Good Haircut

How do you know when you got a good haircut?  In my 22 years of experience I consider a good haircut when, after the cut and the hair is toweled dry, the hair is styled without product and it looks like the requested style.  Then styled with product, the product enhances the haircut.  Men do not always […]

Ask the Men’s Grooming Expert: Gaining Client Trust From Stylist

I conducted an interview with a stylist who is interested in joining the metro FOR MEN team the other day.  In this interview I instructed the stylist on our cutting technique on a model he brought to the interview.  The model stressed to me several times in the consultation what he did NOT want.  It […]

Ask the Men's Grooming Expert

Ask the Men’s Grooming Expert: Finding Solutions to Hair-Related Challenges Do you have a hair related challenge that you have yet to find a stylist that can fix it?  As a stylist, my goal was always to find that challenging area and offer design solutions that could fix it.  The other day I had a guest […]