Welcome to metro FOR MEN - a premier Orange County barber shop and salon for today's man.

metro FOR MEN is the first full-service men’s only salon in Orange County, CA (formerly known as Saville Barber) and is still the leading men's only salon in Irvine created by Krista Martin because "men deserve a place of their own too". Why choose to go to a men's only salon? Because we understand that "Men want a unique salon experience that is on-time, consistent every time, while using products made just for him in a masculine environment." The goal of metro FOR MEN is to provide services that men may not feel comfortable getting at a women's salon, while reshaping the way men think about their grooming rituals. We accomplish this by using products designed only for men’s type of hair, nails, skin, and body. We extensively train our associates how to perform our services that keep the client’s health and safety first. metro FOR MEN is different from other men’s only salons from the products we use to the training and development of our service providers...

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