Men’s Eyebrow Dos and Don’ts

Go To A Professional That Understands Grooming Men’s Eyebrows

Grooming your eyebrows isn’t rocket science. However It’s understandable if this grooming step is something you’re not familiar with and of course it’s difficult to practice with the danger of crazy looking eyebrows as a potential result. The best way to start your grooming your eyebrows is to go to a professional that understands grooming men’s eyebrows. For example don’t go with your girlfriend to her nail salon and utilize their eyebrow waxing services. More than likely they’ll wax your eyebrows adding an arch and making them look to refined. This may work for ladies but for guys this technique doesn’t work well with your masculine features. With all that in mind ask around like your buddy with good eyebrows where he goes and what technique is used to get his simple but well-groomed eyebrows. Also talk to your barber and see if they have any tips and can offer helpful tips that showcase their knowledge of grooming men’s eyebrows. A helpful tip remember that simplicity is key and you don’t need to overdo it. According to Men’s Health The key to a proper trim: Brush your brows upward and cut just the very tips of the hairs. They’ll sit better grow back more evenly and you won’t have gaps.

Thick Eyebrows Are Not Unattractive!

Bushy eyebrows are not the enemy! Thick eyebrows are an attractive and masculine quality. The unattractive part is the unkempt long hairs that make you look like a stereotypical caveman. Simply put thick eyebrows are sexy and if yours are unkempt then get a simple trim but don’t go waxing your eyebrows making them look as though they were drawn on. Want examples on how thick eyebrows can be groomed and make your face even more defined? Click here to see a hilarious but true blog by Buzzfeed (ladies you’ll want to click too ;D) Look, there is also probably many examples of sexy men that have big bushy eyebrows and lots of hair that star on sites like and they wouldn’t be deemed unattractive, it’s all about simply pulling off the look that you’re going for!

Keep Up With Eyebrow Grooming Needs But Don’t Overdo It

As said before for men’s eyebrows simplicity is key. You should groom but not too much. Seriously, how are you supposed to know the line before it’s too much? Here’s a tip from GQ that might help: Strays that pop up seriously outside your brow line can go but leave most strays below and above the brow line in place to maintain a masculine arch. If yours need more restraining use a little hairspray on that old toothbrush and brush onto hairs to keep them in place.

metro FOR MEN | Grooming Men’s Eyebrows

We are not the place for your female counterpart! We say that because we want you to know we understand men’s grooming needs. Guys should be able to get their hair, nails, waxing, or you name it done in a place made just for them. So don’t go to your girlfriend’s salon and get your brows waxed. Go to a place that understands your brows and will make them look as masculine as you are.

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  1. I think it’s smart to groom your eyebrows, but don’t overdo it. In a few weeks, I’m going to be starting a new job and I want to make sure I look sharp. I’ll try to visit a professional that can help me get groomed correctly so that I look my best.

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