Men and Valentine’s Day

What Men Really Think of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday dedicated to showing your loved one just how much they mean to you. Even if you have been together for years it’s still a great excuse to have a day meant for just you two. With that in mind don’t get stuck doing the same thing every year. Don’t fall into the routine of just giving chocolate and flowers then finishing the night off with dinner. You can do that any day. With the opportunity to surprise your partner with a unique and heartfelt valentine’s gift, like this custom photo moon lamp, there’s no excuse for chocolates and flowers to be the immediate option. Don’t just do something because you feel like you have to. Do your best by creatively making the whole day special for her. Here are some great ideas to help men on Valentine’s Day.

Leave a Note by the Bed

Write her a small note that encapsulates why she is so special to you. This will be the first thing she reads as she starts the day.

Make Breakfast

As they say, the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach with good food… Well some women are the same. Make a great breakfast that gets you both ready to take on the day.

Exchange Gifts

Sometimes it’s a great idea to exchange gifts early so that isn’t the focal point of the whole day. Your holiday should be about the time you spend together not the gifts you give. When you give them a gift, make sure that it comes from a place of love, a moon lamp (or as the Germans call it Benutzerdefinierte Foto Moon Lampe) that has both your illuminated faces on will be a perfect gift to give her, she gets to see you when she falls asleep… perfect.

Let Her Get Pampered

For your special evening together whether that be a fancy dinner a romantic wine tasting or even a night out dancing let her take the time to get ready to look and feel her best. Buy her a spa day where she can get her hair and nails done you can get a couple’s massage together and she can go pick out a dress for the evening. Whether this is something you do together or the time she would rather spend on her own before the big date giver her part of the day to pamper herself. If you want to really push the boats out, you could even look for companies like Xlash who offer a ‘create your own pamper kit’ which would help get her started! Don’t forget to pamper yourself too though. A well-groomed man on Valentine’s Day is a gift in itself for a woman.

Plan A Fun Evening

Now that you have spent the day doing little things to make her feel special it’s time to plan the big evening out. Sometimes the most special night is to make a reservation at the nicest restaurant. You two go out looking your best and enjoying a great meal together isn’t a bad way to go. However why not get a little creative to make the night even more special. The following are a few ways you can amp up the evening:

  1. Romantic Treasure Hunt – According to Lifegag surprise your significant other with a romantic treasure hunt that leads to you and a great romantic night. Stoke the fire by taking her on a mysterious yet romantic journey. You’ll need to use your imagination to set the treasure hunt; Perhaps leave a starting clue and then hide the end reward in a metal box that will need metal detectors to locate as a unique proposal, or as a way to give her the gift she’s always wanted, as one idea. Here’s another to get you started: Set a romantic dinner and place the first clue under her plate, or send a romantic email to her inbox prior in the morning with a clue to your location that night use the help of a friend or deliver service to get her the first hint or you can just stick it to the windshield of her car (
  2. Take Her To The Ball – What girl hasn’t wanted to feel like a princess one time in her life. Look at your town’s local events and see if there is a romantic Valentine’s day ball where you can get all dressed up and dance the night away.
  3. Make Your Own Chocolate Together – According to Her Campus try making your own chocolate together. You and your partner can bond over tasting too much of the recipe before it’s finished or even adding your own ingredients to the mix. And hey if the recipe goes awry switch to Plan B: Head to your favorite bakery and pig out (“\). Plus this is a creative and fun way to do something that is also inexpensive and in the comfort of your own home.\. Get some recipes there.
  4. Surprise Her By Looking Your Best – You can still make her day special and also pamper yourself. While she is out getting ready for the big night you should be too. Remind her why she fell in love with you by showing up to your date looking like a million bucks. metro FOR MEN, Lake Forest’s Only Men’s Full Service Salon can help men look their best.
  5. Get A Haircut – A subtle but effective way to look great is to get your haircut and styled. This is especially true for guys who think doing their hair is to just simply brush it in the morning or put a hat over it if it looks bad. If you have unruly hair ask your salon about popular new haircuts that will really impress your lover. metro FOR MEN, Lake Forest’s Only Men’s Full Service Salon can help men get the best men’s haircut.
  6. Get Your Nails Done – Yes men this is mentioned for you. At the least you’ll probably be holding your partner’s had at some point in the evening. It’ll be more appealing to her if you have clean fingernails and smooth hands. You may be a good looking guy but that can be easily over shadowed by something as gross as uncleanly finger nails. Nail care services go beyond what most men probably think. Although an added appeal for most women may be the design and colors they choose that’s not all professional nail services offer. Men can benefit from the occasional manicure/pedicure to remove calluses and smooth the skin reshape nails and remove any painful hangnails but most importantly to make your hands and feet more attractive. metro FOR MEN, Lake Forest’s Only Men’s Full Service Salon can help men present a manly handshake.
  7. Whiten Your Smile – Brighten up the night with a beautifully white smile. Your partner won’t be able to stop looking at your mouth if you have a pearly white smile. Women love romance and roses…and a white smile too! Surprise her with a beautifully white smile this Valentine’s Day! Come to Metro For Men for our teeth whitening special to look your best for your loved one! To make an appointment call us (949) 450 0150. Like and Share to get the word out!!!
  8. Manscape – Lastly you’ll never know where the night may lead but being prepared couldn’t hurt. Clean up the downstairs with an intimate body wax by the professionals. More men today than ever before get a part of their body waxed. And yes even their private areas. And yes all types of men get their privates waxed. Mostly requests about men’s brazilian waxing come from significant others asking to book a waxing appointment for their man. Men if you want more attention to a particular area of your body keep that area hair free! metro FOR MEN | A Men’s Grooming Salon CA. metro FOR MEN is the one stop grooming environment exclusively for men. At metro FOR MEN we designed our menu to keep things simple and uncomplicated while maintaining a full-service men\’s only salon. Our services are designed with men in mind using tools that are best for him and product made for his hair nail skin and body. We specialize in consistent quality services for every client every time. Whether you need a new hairstyle clearer skin a whiter smile body waxing and more. metro FOR MEN has everything you need. For more information about our services or to book an appointment call us at (949) 450-0150 or\\

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