How to Get a Close Shave for Men

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Get The Closest Shave Possible

For those of you who are naturally talented at growing full and manly beards you should already know that using a single blade is a beneficial method for getting an extremely close shave. Not only do you get to avoid prickly stubble but you also get to enjoy a shave that doesn’t cause irritation razor burn and other pains from shaving with a modern razor.  No matter what the ads try and tell you more blades does not equal a closer shave. The main benefit of a multiple blade razor is the simplicity of doing it yourself. However, is that worth the trade-off of leftover stubble and razor burn? On the other hand you can go to a men’s salon that offers professional shaving services. With longer lasting results you can continue to relax and get your shaving services there or ask them to teach you men’s shaving techniques.

Less Irritation

Using a single blade will significantly reduce the amount of irritation you experience after shaving. Simply put the less motion needed and less times a razor blade has to go over the skin the less irritation you’ll feel afterwards. The reason multiple blade razors save you time is that you’re taking the equivalent of three or more strokes with every pass you make. Therefore it only makes sense that you’ll also experience three times the irritation. Rather try using a straight razor which can provide a close shave in several less strokes.

More Environmentally Friendly

Multiple razor blades typically last for a few shaves and then need to be thrown away. Although it may not seem like a lot is being tossed the plastic and metal blades thrown in the garbage start to stack up over time. However when you use a straight razor you can typically eliminate all trash associated with shaving. Not only will you no longer be throwing away razors or cartridges but if you use the classic wet shaving method which is the best way to get the closest shave you can rest assured knowing that your facial grooming routine is more environmentally friendly as it virtually creates less materials being disposed of.

It’s Relaxing

The single edge shave is helpful for a better shaving style as well as a relaxing shaving experience. With a relaxing hot towel covering your face and the appealing cologne smell from the shaving cream the stress streams right out of your body.

Metro For Men | Men’s Shaving Services

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