Men’s Grooming Mistakes All Men Should Avoid

What are the men’s grooming mistakes that all men should avoid?

Today we are going to discuss the Men’s Grooming Mistakes all Men Should Avoid.  Are you a man wanting to turn a new leaf and want to know if there’s anything you can do to improve your grooming habits? Perhaps you’ve just moved on from a long relationship or are looking for that first step into a new career and you want to make a memorable first impression. Regardless of the reasons behind you desire to look better every man should up his grooming game as he enters adulthood.  It’s crucial for men to turn their backs on the grooming mistakes that have been holding them back. While old habits may be hard to break it’s never too late to step forward and welcome new grooming strategies.  Continue reading for a breakdown of the most common men\’s grooming mistakes to avoid. Take heed and you will be well on your way to an appearance that would make even Don Draper jealous.

Poorly Maintained Stubble

Some men prefer to straddle the fine line between embracing facial hair and being clean-shaven opting for the steely stubble look. However men who rock the stubble should know how to keep it in check. To keep your stubble looking good make sure you trim it from time to time. Just because you have stubble doesn’t mean you are free from maintaining it.  That’s what causes men to look sloppy. A well-kept stubble is a must if you don’t want to look hungover and disheveled.

Rough Feet & Hands Like A Caveman

Admittedly the callous build up on the hands and feet is quite normal yet shaking hands with a gentleman who has Sahara-dry skin is never a pleasant experience. The same logic holds for men who don’t pamper their feet but show them off to the world in sandals during the summer. The most simple method for removing dry skin or callouses on your feet and hands is to take a hot shower to soften the skin and then use a pumice stone to remove excess skin.

Oily Skin Is A No-Go

Oily skin can be challenging for men to manage making an otherwise perfectly presentable man appear like a greasy adolescent. Simply it’s not a desirable appearance. However you can take control of oily skin. Typically washing your face more frequently isn’t a viable solution as this will only cause your face to create more oil.  Try using cleanser and moisturizers twice a day to manage grease and oily skin  Blotting papers can be a quick fix for oily skin or if you are on a budget use a tissue.

Self Trimming Is A Recipe For Disaster

In most towns a barber can cut your hair for about 20 dollars. Some people scoff at this but it’s really the same price as a few drinks at the bar or a couple of Starbucks coffees.  So why do men across the nation insist on using household scissors or beard trimmers in an attempt to sculpt their image? This practice often leads to patchy hair and if you’re attempting to even out your neckline you can’t even see what you’re doing leading to an uneven cut. Here’s a better approach: when you have the time stop into your local barber shop for a trim every 4-6 weeks. The only exception is if you’re going for a buzz cut. If so you can do this by yourself as long as you understand the fundamentals.

Eyebrows With No Beginning Or End

Bushy unkempt eyebrows are definitely not the pinnacle of attractiveness unless you’re going for that Groucho Marx look! Bushy eyebrows can distract people from paying attention to your better features; in fact since they are such a prominent feature poor eyebrow maintenance is one of the biggest mistakes men make when it comes to grooming.  This is one part of the body worth spending some time to groom properly however it can take some dedicated practice to make it look right. The most important step is to create an attractive border to limit random loose hairs. Try shaping your eyebrows so that the eyebrows don’t touch in any way shape or form. If this sounds confusing to you you may want to secure the help of a professional men’s hairstylist/groomer.

You’ll Regret The Dry Shave

It’s happened to all of us: you oversleep and are in a rush to get into work yet this unfortunate occurrence does not excuse you from trying to remove your facial hair without the assistance of shave gel or even plain old water. So what happens to your skin when you dry shave? The answer isn’t pretty. Dry shaving can lead to ingrown hairs rashes and skin burns. At the minimum you will need some sort of pre-shave oil to soften the skin and help the blade glide over your skin.

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