Men’s Grooming Routine All Men Should Get In The Habit Of Doing

men's shaving dos and don'ts
Men;s shaving don’ts

What men’s grooming routine all men should get in the habit of doing? The number one men’s grooming routine that all men should get in the habit of doing is Exclusively Shaving With The Grain.  While this may not make sense intuitively, if you want a clean smooth shave it’s best to always shave with the grain. When you shave against the direction of your hair growth you can run into some issues like irritated skin, razor burn or even ingrown hairs.  Most, if not all men understand the discomfort associated with shaving challenges. Shaving against the grain does make for a slightly closer shave however the negatives far outnumber the benefits. Simply put, would you rather have a closer shave or suffer through the tedious torture of irritated skin? With the correct technique it\’s simple to get a closer shave without irritating your skin.  Here\s the key to a proper shave: determine which way your hair is growing (different sections can grow in different directions) first; wash your face with warm water and apply pre-shave oil to soften up the hair; lather up your shaving cream and shave using short strokes.

The second men’s grooming routine all men should get in the habit of doing is know the myth that Certain Foods Make Your Beard Grow Quicker.  No matter how desperately you try to defeat biology there’s no food or vitamin that can speed up a patchy beard’s growth. Despite this our body requires amino acids and sufficient protein in our diet to grow hair. So males who are anemic may frequently experience beard thinning. While a healthy diet can contribute to a healthy beard it will not speed up the growth process.

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