Ah, the ease of being a man. Men don’t typically worry about their grooming as much as women. However, that doesn’t mean some of your gross habits or lack of hygiene will go unnoticed. Check out this blog to learn men’s grooming habits women find disgusting.

Bad Teeth and Bad Breath

A beautifully white smile can make a huge difference to your overall appearance. Whiter teeth seem to brighten the face and can even knock off a few years in the process. People inadvertently judge others based on their smile alone. A good smile leads people to believe you’re a healthy and kind-hearted person who is well-groomed and professional. Yellowed and overall bad teeth may distract them from getting to know you and leaving them with the impression that you’re unclean and disorganized.
Improve your smile and your breath by flossing and utilizing minty mouthwash. Your smile is one of the most important first impressions and says a lot about your personality. Instead of the DIY teeth whitening products, check out your nearest men’s grooming salon for expert teeth whitening services that will guarantee a whiter, healthier and improved smile.

Way Too Much Cologne

Of course, you want to smell nice. Especially when you are out with your lady. However, that doesn’t mean you need to shower yourself in your favorite cologne. Smelling nice for the evening only takes a few sprits of cologne. Oh and if you are trying to use cologne to cover up bad body odor, don’t. Take a quick shower and put on deodorant but don’t use cologne as a fast escape because it probably won’t work and it’ll actually repulse people more than your body odor probably would have.

Dry, Cracked Lips

No woman wants to kiss a guy with really dry, chapped or cracked lips. I know it’s hard to find a lip moisturizer that isn’t glossy or shiny, but when you’re brushing your teeth if you just brush your lips a little to exfoliate and then put some regular lip balm on while you sleep, it really helps.

Unruly Body Hair

For most men, body grooming involves walking a delicate line between looking like a caveman, or like your part of a boy band. To help find that perfect balance, it’s important to understand hair removal for each part of the body. Get ready for the summer looking your best by removing unwanted hair and trimming up the rest.
Unkempt hair can make you feel dirty, and it also makes men look older. Of course, body hair is accepted according to personal taste, but keeping yourself well-groomed is also important for a well-groomed man. In fact, a lot of women like body hair on their men but agreed that they prefer if the man were to have hair that it be trimmed. Men’s Fitness conducted a survey and out of the 105 women, 78 said they dig body hair (73%), while 28 (27%) would prefer a hairless man.
Every man is built differently and body hair may be a little more difficult to maintain compared to others. If this happens to you, talk to the experts and see which hair removal technique like waxing or shaving will work best for you.

Uncut Nails and Dirty Feet

You may be a good looking guy but that can be easily over shadowed by something as disgusting as uncleanly finger nails or a toe nail fungal infection. Nail care services go beyond what most men probably think. Although an added appeal for most women may be the design and colors they choose, that’s not all professional nail services offer. Men can benefit from the occasional manicure/pedicure to remove calluses and smooth the skin, reshape nails and remove any painful hangnails but most importantly, to make your hands and feet more attractive.
You may be thinking, how can hands and feet be attractive? Well they may not be the most attractive part of the body but you can rest assured they can be the most unattractive when not taken care of. Most employers don’t want to shake hands with someone who has a rough feel and yellowed nails. Furthermore, it’s hard to be intimate with someone when your feet not only smell bad but also look infected. Ultimately, it’s an attractive quality in a man to take pride in the way they look. Granted, being obsessed about your appearance is not attractive, but taking pride in looking good and healthy says you care just enough.
At a men’s exclusive salon like Metro For Men, you can sit back and relax with professional nail care services while watching the big sports game on one of our many TVs. To top it all off, because our salon is just for men, you don’t need to feel awkward or uncomfortable receiving any grooming services that people may call “unmanly”. So sit back and relax, you’ll be amazed at how great getting your nails done can feel.

Wolf Man Eyebrows

Bushy unkempt eyebrows are definitely not the pinnacle of attractiveness, unless you’re going for that Groucho Marx look! Bushy eyebrows can distract people from paying attention to your better features; in fact, since they are such a prominent feature, poor eyebrow maintenance is one of the biggest mistakes men make when it comes to grooming.
This is one part of the body worth spending some time to groom properly, however, it can take some dedicated practice to make it look right. The most important step is to create an attractive border to limit random loose hairs. Try shaping your eyebrows so that the eyebrows don’t touch in any way, shape or form. If this sounds confusing to you, you may want to secure the help of a professional groomer.