What does a well-groomed man look like?  A well-groomed man:         
*  Has the perfect hairstyle for the image he wants to portray and uses the right haircare product to achieve that look, including shampoo AND conditioner and a styling aid;
*  Uses a face wash to wash his face with and follows it up with sunblock because he knows using sunscreen will keep his skin looking youthful.  He is also not afraid to use a complete skin care regimen because he understands the why…the  fountain of youth;
*  Keeps his facial hair trimmed and neat.  No ear and nose hair visible.  No single, long, bushy distracting eye brows.  No unruly mustaches, beards or goatees;
*  Has a white smile and used whitening teeth products daily;
*  Wears clothes that fit well and styled to project the image he wants others to perceive;
*  Smells fantastic because he uses the right cologne and doesn’t use too much;
*  Has well-MANicured hands because the right handshake says it all; and
*  Keeps his shoes groomed because he realizes that “you can judge a book by its cover and a man by his shoes”.
At metro FOR MEN we can show men how to get the right haircut for him, which products are best suited for his needs, advise him on skin care, trim facial hair, wax unwanted nose and ear hair, retail at-home teeth whitening systems and cologne, and get his shoes shined.  Do you have a man in your life that could use a new look for 2011?  Call metro FOR MEN today and schedule a free consultation.
Does he need wardrobe styling and image consulting because he wants to take his career to the next level, get that promotion, or land the perfect job?  Call my colleague Diana Jennings with Brand You Image or visit her at www.brandyouimage.com.