Part 3 – On to my skin care consultation with my guest who no longer “really” takes care of himself because he’s married.  I discussed with him his hair and beard changes and then we moved on to his skin.  We discussed his skin care regimen because he spends a lot of time outdoors and his skin is paying the price.  I hear men say all the time, “I won’t spend that much time washing my face”.  A easy skin care treatment is quick.  It takes only a minute to wash, tone and moisturize.  Add a facial scrub twice a week to keep the skin looking vibrant and it takes a second.  Men more than ever are concerned about looking older than they are and a using good skin care products are the key.  Another key to remaining youthful is sunscreen and staying hydrated…yes I’m saying to drink plenty of water everyday.
Why a good face wash?  Many men suffer from oily skin and facial skin becomes oily, dry or a combination of both because the skin is not in Ph balance.  Using a a good face wash with quality ingredients will help maintain the facial skin in its normal Ph balance.  metro FOR MEN uses Menscience Face Wash which is an androceutical.  Andro meaning man and ceutical meaning pharmaceutical grade ingredients.  A good face wash should never leave your skin feeling tight.  A “tight” feeling means the skin is dry, needs moisture, and will not prevent oily skin as some men think. 
Why a toner?  There is a lot of controversy surrounding the use of a toner.  Some experts say that toner dries the skin others say it draws in a moisturizer creating more hydrated skin.  I’ve used a toner for years and prefer it.  I believe adding toner to a skin care regimen benefits oily, dry and combination skin types.  Again, metro FOR MEN uses Menscience Toner.
Why face lotion or moitsurizing sunscreen?  No matter the skin type, skin needs hydration and puts it in to a normal Ph.  There are several lotions on the market that will not make the skin feel “greasy”.  metro FOR MEN uses the Menscience Face Lotion and Menscience TiO Sunscreen-30 block.  Both of these products have a powdery finish and does not feel greasy.  Sunscreen keeps the skin from absorbing UV rays.  Over exposure to the sun creates wrinkles.  Use sunscreen and prevent wrinkles!  Apply it to the neck area too. 
Adding a facial exfoliator will smooth the complexion while diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.  Face scrubs buff away dead skin cells and dull buildup revealing new even skin tone.  Another added bonus, exfoliators will prepare the skin for a closer shave and combat ingrown hairs.  A great looking face is always appreciated by the opposite sex and no matter married or not, youthful looking skin is in.  Visit metro FOR MEN, request a 5 min Steam Towel Treatment for $12  and get revitalized skin.  Next week I’ll tell you about the final part of our consultation—hands and feet.