Part 2 – Last week I mentioned a make over I did on a new guest to metro FOR MEN and that taking care of his appearance was not his top priority.  This week I want to tell you about our facial hair consultation.  During ourconsultation I discussed his goatee and the manner in which it was groomed.  He stated that he just trims it–no fuss.  I’m not advocating for fuss, only to provide the best information to achieve the desired look.  I explained to him that goatee lines should not exceed his smile line and should not go past the furthest part of the chin bone.  He looked as if he had a double shin because his goatee was too far down his neck casting a shadow.  I also explained to his that the corners of his goatee were to sharp and should be appropriate to his face shape.  The length of his goatee was perfect and advised that the length should be long enough to fill in areas of weak growth, but not so long that the first impression is the goatee.  My grooming tips for your goatee:
1.  Be in front of a mirror;
2.  Smile at yourself;
3.  Shave to your smile line;
4.  Tilt your face to the ceiling,  find the edge of your chin bone, and shave to that line (when goatees slide down the the neck, it can give the appearance of a double chin);
5.  Check the corners and edit accordingly; and
6.  Trim the length to enhance your look and not be over powering to the viewer.
Next week I’ll tell you about our skin care consultation and bring you skin care tips.  See you next week!