At metro FOR MEN we concluded are meeting/class agenda for the rest of the year.  What an informative class!  Having been an employee in the past and never understanding what my boss was doing because my boss never shared anything .  He would just tell us what to do and I always left meetings wondering why.  He would tell us we couldn’t afford that or he couldn’t give that bonus or a raise but never shared why?  I never understood as an employee why I wasn’t privy to that information and just thought that’s how business is done.    Then I was exposed to a concept called “open book management”.  In this concept, “…Open-Book Management is a way of running your company that gets everyone, at all levels of the business as informed, involved and engaged as you are in making the company successful.  It’s about employees understanding how profitability is driven, how assets are used, how cash is generated, but most importantly how their day-to-day actions and decisions can make or break your business…” according to Jack Stack of The Great Game.  When I realized what this meant to me as a boss, that I would be sharing everything including financial statements on a regular basis, I was petrified.  I was scared of the unknown, what would my staff think, what would they say, what would they want.  I knew if I wanted to own a business that involved engaged workers that cared about every aspect of my business, I had to try this.  I put my fear aside and shared it all.  To my surprise, the reaction was incredible.  My staff now feels able to provide ideas, solutions, and options.  They understand the why and the why not.  Using this approach will get me closer to the company of my dreams.