The Right Men’s Grooming Consultation

The Right Men’s Grooming Consultation — Part 1

This blog post is Part 1 of a 4 part series on the right men’s grooming consultation at metro FOR MEN. I did a make-over for a new guest this week and had so much fun with it that I wanted to share it with you.. Men’s grooming is my passion and enjoy sharing my men’s grooming tips. Men often look for grooming advice and tips on websties like, and it may be worth checking out if you’re looking for advice of your own. During our initial grooming consultation, my guest kept making the same comment over and over that his wife will be happy he is doing this and that since being married, grooming is his last priority. Guys, just because you are married doesn’t mean it’s okay to not take care of yourself. The married women I know love it when their man looks and smells GREAT.

During a men’s grooming consultation at metro FOR MEN we discuss grooming from head to toe. My guest and I first discussed his hair and what will and won’t work for his hair type, texture, and head shape. Then we discussed the appropriate shape and length for his goatee. We also discussed his skin care and shaving regimen and how that relates to aging. Lastly, we discussed ear and nose hair. A definite sign of age!
I gave my guest the best haircut that works for him and fulfilled his desire to have a style that does not require styling product (this means the haircut has to be technically savvy). I reshaped his goatee and educated him on how to maintain it. I waxed his ear hair, as well as his nose hair, making sure I was following waxing for men techniques. I don’t know a woman who won’t love looking up at her man and not seeing those ugly hairs protruding out his nostrils. My guest was so excited about this service and knew his wife was going to be very happy.

No tweezing nose hair

The thought may be, waxing nose hair “has to hurt”. I can tell you it doesn’t. Tweezing nose hairs does, waxing does not. Getting rid of unwanted and unsightly ear and nose hair says “I take care of myself and I care about my grooming”. Guys don’t just do it for us girls, do it for your self as well.

At metro FOR MEN, we are the leaders in men’s grooming and offer full body waxing, including nose and ear waxing for $11 each. Ask our service providers about this service to keep you looking your best the next time you’re in. For those scaredy cats, metro FOR MEN hosts the No. 1 reviewed nose hair trimmer, The Platinum XL by Groommate. Pick it up at our front counter.

Next week I’ll blog about my consultation on men’s skin care, men’s shaving rituals, and men’s nail care needs.

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