The Lost Art of the Shoe Shine

History of Shoe Shine Services

metro FOR MEN offers the lost art of the shoe shine and it’s not just to give shoes a high shine anymore. Shinning shoes started before the 1800s where “…a mixture of soda ash, tallow, wax and oil was used to soften and condition leather and to make it waterproof. Shoe shines were first added to polish around the 1700s” stated by to Today, the request for shoe shining has declined due to the increased wear of relaxed footwear according to Absolute Astronomy and most providers of shoe shine services are located in airports, car washes, and luxury locations. Those that still value the shine of shoes tend to do it themselves. Often opting to buy their own shoe shine supplies to maintain their formal footwear.

Shoe Shine Services at metro FOR MEN

You can judge a book by its cover and a man by his SHOES and we want our guests to look their best from head to toe. metro FOR MEN offers shoe shine services because it has a purpose and provides a solution. Our shoe shines are far more than shinning shoes…it maintains the look of the shoe while protecting the shoes from the weather thereby increasing the length of wear of the shoe and keeping them looking brand new. The best tip I can give is clean, condition, and protect your shoes often with our shoeshine service, especially when its raining. Leather and suede expand and shrinks in hot and cold weather. If shoes are conditioned regularly, the leather and suede will not crack and will repel water.

On your next visit to metro FOR MEN, bring your shoes and we will restore them to their original condition for only $6.00 (and $3.00 with a service for the first pair).

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