I get confronted every day from men as to “why do I need use conditioner”?  Men need to use conditioner to restore moisture and elasticity to the scalp skin.  Men suffer from many scalp ailgments because men’s scalps are thick and produce more oil.  This can cause the scalp skin to be more sensitive, dry, and irritated, which can lead to other embarrasing scalp conditions.
Conditioners for men can be specifically developed to combat these unique challenges.  In all my research on this topic, there is only talk of what conditioners do for the hair not the scalp.  I believe this is why men are confused about conditioners and think they do not need it.  This is a problem.  Men more than ever are losing their hair and at a younger age.  Taking care of the scalp skin is crucial and conditioners targeted at maintaining the hair’s cuticle structure are not enough.  Men need conditioners that feed and nourish the papilla, which contains tiny blood capillaries that feed the cells, as well as the hair bulb (the living part of the hair), which surrounds the papilla.
Maintaining healthy scalp skin can lead to better hair and scalp condition.  No more scalp issues!  Men need to use conditioner, but be sure to find a conditioner that is designed for the scalp.  There are several on the market like Nioxin, Aveda Men, Min New York, and of course, m by metro FOR MEN.  If you have any questions, ask your metro FOR MEN stylist.  They will be able to help you find the best conditioner for your scalp needs.  You can always call me, the Men’s Grooming Expert too at 949-450-0150.  Just ask for Krista.