I want to thank KTLA and Allie Mac Kay for contacting me to open up our shop to them to host a segment on men’s grooming.  On Tuesday, September 21, 2010 at 4:30 am, the KTLA van pulled in and got straight to work for the first airing at 5:40am.  I would also like to thank my staff who got up EXTRA early to be at the shop providing services to guests.  Thank you Mackenzie, Joel, Michelle, Elaine, Kim, Claire, Alyse, and April.  This could not have happened with out you.  Thank you to our customers who showed up that early and stayed for 2 hours to participate in this event.  Thank you Mark, Tom, Jim, Patrick, Mark, and Michael.  These customers braved showing Southern California they wax their noses, ears and back and coloring their grey hair.  Having Allie Mac Kay at metro FOR MEN was a blast! 
What has happened since Tuesday?  Our phones have been going crazy with new customers scheduling appointments, we have new followers on Twitter, the shop has a lot of  new fans on Facebook, and most of all the staff at metro FOR MEN is excited with all the attention.  I cannot express my gratitude enough.  To my blog readers, please watch KTLA morning news and especially Allie Mac Kay (www.KTLA.com) and tell them you appreciated the segment on metro FOR MEN.   Didn’t see the episode?  Here’s the links:
Enjoy the Show!