I do believe Nioxin works to curb the number of hairs lost per day.  I use it and saw a difference in how little hair was left in my brush every day.  It took about 4 months when I noticed it because it took that long to clean all the debris on my scalp and strengthen my hair.  metro FOR MEN has carried this product since its opening in 2004 and has continued to see strong sales even in this economy.  Why? Because men are concerned about hair loss and feel very comfortable speaking with their stylist about such a sensitive issue.  It’s up to us stylists to educate our guests about hair loss, what causes it, and how to slow it down or stop it.  Nioxin is designed to clean the scalp skin, bring blood flow to the follicle, and keep each hair in the longest growth stage possible.  This means that more hair will remain on the scalp than being lost.    Nioxin is for everyone not just the person losing hair.  At any age, any of us could experience hair loss and Nioxin can be used for preventative measures.  Concerned about hair loss, speak to your stylist and ask how you can confront it head on.
At metro FOR MEN our technical staff is educated on hair loss for men, treatments for hair l and how to educate our male guests about it too.  If you have a concern and have questions, please feel free to call us anytime.