Men’s Grooming Habits for the Summer

Men’s Grooming Habits for the Summer Months

Hey guys summer is the time to focus on men’s grooming habits.  It’s the time of year when more skin is shown off, toes are exposed, and everyone gets to see how you take care of yourself.  It’s time to focus on the details of your skin, body, and nail care.


Skin care not only applies to washing and moisturizing, but protecting it from the sun too.  Using sunscreen helps protect the skin from the damaging effects of the sun which will maintain a youthful apppearance.  Thinking, “but I want to get a tan?”  No problem, just use a tinted face and body moisturizer.  At metro FOR MEN we help keep our guest’s skin in check by offering our Deluxe Shave which includes a express facial to cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and moisturize the face using products from Menscience (


Rid your body of  that unwanted hair.  Have you checked for hair in your ears and nose lately?  How about your back?  At metro FOR MEN we rid our guests of that unsightly nuisance by waxing that unwanted hair, even from the ears and nose.  Here’s a tip–use a clipper with a number two guard to trim down hair on the arms and chest.  Keeping that hair short will show off a tan and muscle tone.


When it gets hot outside, more sandals are worn and what looks better in a pair of sandals–good looking feet.  A pedicure is a great way to clean up embarrassing feet.  Get a manicure too.  When we meet new people, we shake their hand, right?  Make your handshake a better first impression with great looking hands.  At metro FOR MEN we offer an all-inclusive hand and foot detail.  Not only will we make you look good, but we will make you feel great!

Get you summer groove on by taking care of the details now.  Got an iphone? Download the Yowza application ( to get a special offers from metro FOR MEN.

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