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Great customer service for men’s grooming needs isn’t about price.  I was asked to provide insight on whether salons and spas should provide special offers to new and existing customers.  There were other opinions offered in this discussion and the majority felt salons and spas should not discount their services.  The opinions were based on the only guests that will utilize the promotional offer is price shoppers and that 5 star businesses do not discount who they are.  While some of this may be true, but I cannot believe that the only customer will be a price shopper and high-end businesses do offer web offers every day.

My insight to this discussion was I offer special pricing to all current and potential customers of metro FOR MEN on our website, as well as other sites.  My reasoning is not to discount who we are, but to provide the opportunity to potential new guests to try our any one of our men’s grooming services and then to provide them with the most exceptional service they will want to keep coming back.  I also offer web special opportunities to current guests to, as well have them try a grooming service they have not tried, but to say thank you for their continued support of metro FOR MEN.  No matter whether the customer coming in on a web special or not, it is our objective to give them the best men’s grooming experience and have a happy long term customer.  Please visit our special offers at  Bring in one of our offers soon and we will look forward to providing you the best in men’s hair, nail, and body grooming services.

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